2018 has been a hard year.

My relationship with my former printing company came to an end, and I have been searching around for a replacement, eventually choosing Ingram-Spark.

Throughout, I’ve been writing. and though the editing process took a little longer than usual, I’m happy with the result: Northward.

In a sense the novel picks up where Dark Time left off, except almost ten years later. Martin Wilkes remains unmarried, but the PI, Francis McNally, continues to work part-time. Instead of handling cases, he has become a consultant for various police forces in the Westchester area.

And then. out of nowhere, the chance to atone for an earlier failure springs up. McNally, though, is sixty, and his wife is ill, and he’s no longer sure he can handle the rigors of a missing person in a treacherous area.

Northward will make demands on McNally that he never could have anticipated, and call on him to be someone he is not. He cannot shirk his responsibility either: the fate of many more than only he lies in the balance.